Frozen Yogurt

This was was a competition for a design proposal for a yogurt shop inside a shopping center.

Here is a brief description for this proposal:

I am opening a YOGURT Store and need a 3D design that will go straight to our architect. The space is 1000 square feet and I want a look that does not look like a Pinkberry or a medical clinic. I also DO NOT want a coffee shop feel to it. We will have plasma televisions on the walls, some chairs and tables, store will not be self-serve the yogurt will be served from behind the counter with the toppings in front of customer so that they can clearly see them.

We will have a 2 station store with one section selling hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and ice cream. The next section will sell the yogurt. We like the modern design of SNOG yogurt but not exactly. We want something fun, new and not a medical building. Also do not get too over the top as we are trying to stay within budget. It has to be fun and economical. We also need a logo design for our store YOGURIFFIC, the colors are Tinkerbell purple, Tinkerbell green and pink, bright pink. Please let me know if you can do this job as we need the designs back as soon as possible.

And here is my design concept pitch:

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