Glass Garden

Glass Garden


With Christmas upon us, I made a little indoor garden that can easily flourish on your window sill.
All you’ll need is: Sand, Soil, Glass Bottles/Jars, Double-sided tape, Goo-Off, and some veggie roots.

1) Cut off the roots or bulbs from your ordinary groceries, like the bulbs from chives, or the ends of celery or lettuce and place them in some soil & water to save up till you have enough.

2) Collect used pasta sauce jars, and glass bottles.  Soak them in hot water, and peel off the labels. Use Goo-off to easily remove the glue residue.

3) fill the glass containers with sand half way, and with soil the rest of the way.  Fill with water.  Insert roots/bulbs  and pack in with soil.  Leave some room at the mouth of the opening to make watering easier.

3)  Print out these labels and apply with double sided tape.  (Post requests in the comments section and I’ll try to add more in.)  Laser printers work better because there’s no ink to bleed if it gets wet.  You can always apply clear packing tape around the bottle and over the label to give it extra protection from water.  Change printer settings to print them at various scales to accommodate for various bottle sizes.

Romaine Lettuce




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