Thesis- Phototropic architecture

Phototropism and Architecture.  This is a thesis process book for how nature can be harnessed to design architecture.  Visit:

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Design 9- Olympic Stadium

In this design class, my team and I had to design a Track & Field Stadium for the upcoming Olympics.  To see the process, view:


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Design 7- Climbing School

This design was for a indoor climbing school in Philadelphia.  It attempted to fit over 100 linear feet of climbing wall into a two story building to create a climbing school for the community.  My concept managed to fit 164 feet of linear climbing wall by wrapping it upward in a spiral.  Starting at the basement level,  students can climb all the way around to the second floor, or choose to continue up to the roof where they can watch their classmates catch up through the glass floor.  The 3D model was designed in Revit and the plans were built in AutCAD.

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Design 2- Lovell’s Visitor Center


The Lovell Visitor Center is a Center designed to view the Schindler’s Beach House located across the street.  Most of the views are centered around the house, making it the focal point in this structure. Downstairs there are restrooms, and an office space on the right.  But in the main hall, there is a help desk along with the great staircase.
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