Brick Point Stress Reduction

A brick is the most fundamental building block in construction. Its design hasn’t changed in many years.  Does it mean that it is perfect?  Hardly.  Bricks have sharp angles which allow them to fit snug against one another, but this also creates a high stress point in the mortar between each connection.  When stress occurs in the form of settling, cracks easily move through the weakest point, resulting in cracks through the mortar joints.  I developed a theoretically simple fix that would reinforce the connection and reduce point stress. Continue reading



Material goods have a limited life cycle before they become waste.  Reuse extends the lifespan of that product (Bloch).  This means that through reuse, materials can last longer and reduce pollution and waste.  In developed countries that went through an industrial revolution, it is harder for people to reuse materials because they grew up in a society that embraces planned obsolescence.  Reusability has been globally prominent throughout history, and has become more integrated into today’s governments, industries, and communities through advances in technology and globalization.

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