Freelance: S.O.S. Center in Naperville

entry rendering

This is some of the schematic work I completed for the upcoming Science of Spirituality Center in Naperville, IL.

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MBA/s: Coopenhagen Natural History Museum

This competition for a Natural History Museum only allotted up to 10,000 sq meters of new building.  With an extensive program, Alex and I, at MBA/s Architects in Germany, designed a program that would re-purpose existing buildings on the site that have been abandoned.  This reuse of structure creates a procession from the old to the new.  New construction was used for exhibits while re purposed spaces favored labs and storage.

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Array HFS: Reading Ambulatory Project

The project consisted of a three phase design for an ambulatory with an emergency department and an out-patient wing.  I developed the terrain and the three phases of the proposal in Revit and built the digital terrain in accordance with CAD specifications.

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