Spuds! (Photo Series)

Is there beauty in trash?

    “Have you ever looked?”

This series is called Spuds and it takes a closer look at the wondrous beauty of the rotting process of Solanum tuberosum (potatos).  Like the art of Tim Noble & Sue Webster , this series takes something that we normally discard and asks us to take another look at it.  So without further ado, here’s SPUDS!

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Solar Park South

Solar Park South is a design competition that asked to convert an old coastal highway into a solar park for people in Italy.  The highway only consists of high viaducts and long tunnels through the mountainous region in Italy.  The biggest challenge of this park is lighting up all of the tunnels.  We propose lighting the tunnels with electricity that can be harnessed from a series of solar panels that would be suspended under the viaducts.  This method utilizes the viaduct’s columns for support, and suspends the panels in a radial pattern off of high-tension cables.  The southern facing position will maximize the energy collected.  The pattern utilizes its voids to allow the wind to pass through the solar panels without causing any tension.  Each viaduct would collect enough electricity to power it’s adjacent tunnels, creating a self-sustaining park.  The competition’s website is here: