Alien Diorama

Created a custom diorama for my bookshelf to display my McFarlane Alien Queen and NECA’s Power Loader with Ripley.


Gazelle Shoe

This shoe concept looked at the bone structure of a gazelle’s foot to design a ladies shoe.  This led me to remove the heel and push back the sole support under the central gravitational axis of the foot.  Like the gazelle’s back toe, the new heel is not very functional and is there to deceive the observer and portray a false sense of imbalance.

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Alley Friends Architects: ||RRinaBox||

I worked on a product with A.F.A. that the firm was helping develop. It was called RRinaBox and it was a kit for making your own model railroad.  I was responsible for the series of 24 CAD drawings, textures and helped develop the collapsible design.

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