Pumpkin Lamp Shade

Slicer Lamp Shade

I put together this hanging amorphous lamp shade. It’s made from thin lacerated cardboard and casts long shadows.  This project was created from 100% reused packaging material.

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Vertical Urban Sprawl

Density is crucial in order to move forward.  The closer the people live together, the more space we can preserve.  The simplest way to densify a community is to build up.  One benefit of owning your own home is that feeling of privacy and ownership.  I want to take that same space and bring it to a high-rise environment.   My design provides each resident with their very own floor.  In fact, each unit has a second level, creating a more residential environment that most seek in a suburban home.  This addition also provides a majestic 2-story window with unbeatable views and a balcony to boost.  The sub-level is secluded and creates a perfect space for a master bedroom.   The procession through the apartment recedes from a public living room, to the modern eat-in kitchen, and moves towards the private bedroom through the dining room.  This is all done on the smallest footprint.  By spiraling the emergency stairwell around the elevator shaft, each floor receives extra square footage, their own lobby, and elevator entrance.  This design is meant to create the feeling of a residential house in an urban high-rise condo, utilizing creative layouts to maximize the living space.

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Gazelle Shoe

This shoe concept looked at the bone structure of a gazelle’s foot to design a ladies shoe.  This led me to remove the heel and push back the sole support under the central gravitational axis of the foot.  Like the gazelle’s back toe, the new heel is not very functional and is there to deceive the observer and portray a false sense of imbalance.

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