Cloud Light

Cloud Light2I created this light sculpture out of foam cups.  It was a creative solution to fill an acute void over a rectilinear bookshelf and a slanted roof.  Continue reading


Cross Country Photo Series

I recently moved to Eureka, CA.  I put together this small photo series depicting aspects of my travels.

Series Title

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This is a shot that integrated 5 images.  I set up a stationary camera and staged a sequence of shots.  I overlapped the image-layers in Photoshop and maintained one background.  I added an additional sense of realism to the picture by layering the shadows behind the model layers.

Spuds! (Photo Series)

Is there beauty in trash?

    “Have you ever looked?”

This series is called Spuds and it takes a closer look at the wondrous beauty of the rotting process of Solanum tuberosum (potatos).  Like the art of Tim Noble & Sue Webster , this series takes something that we normally discard and asks us to take another look at it.  So without further ado, here’s SPUDS!

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