This is a shot that integrated 5 images.  I set up a stationary camera and staged a sequence of shots.  I overlapped the image-layers in Photoshop and maintained one background.  I added an additional sense of realism to the picture by layering the shadows behind the model layers.


Skiffington Arch.: Speed Coloring

This is freelance work I’ve done for a previous employer.  I was given a low-res PDF Landscape Plan.  I had to colorize it and add some shadows to the vegetation.  The original pdf’s lines were not “snappable” and had to be traced by hand.  To make it fun, I decided to time myself to see how long it’d take me to add color to this black and white pdf in Photoshop.

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Iphone Button Design

I worked on a design competition for an I-phone button for an app developer.  The design was for a financial app that simplifies your data into graphs.  The logo depicts a pie graph, with each piece progressively stepping back till it gets to the red piece.  I massed it up and rendered it in Sketch-Up, and finalized it in Photoshop.

Building Absence Competition

This simple competition asked for one image of a design for the Cathedral of Antwerp’s second tower. When they started building it in the 14th century they soon ran out of finances. They made the building functional but lost one tower.  This is the competition’s website: , and this is my proposal.