Gazelle Shoe

This shoe concept looked at the bone structure of a gazelle’s foot to design a ladies shoe.  This led me to remove the heel and push back the sole support under the central gravitational axis of the foot.  Like the gazelle’s back toe, the new heel is not very functional and is there to deceive the observer and portray a false sense of imbalance.

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Cement Soaker

This concept brings brings extreme comfort into your bathroom.  It marries the technology of a hot tub along with the comfort of your personal tub.  The water jets help release stress, as the formfitting tub minimizes water displacement which reduces water usage.  The tub is lined with a soft yellow polymer which acts as a cushion in a typically hard tub. Continue reading

The Split Bench

In today’s Western society, people tend to keep more to themselves.  Many forms of communication can now be achieved without actually being present with the second person (cell phones, Skype, video chatting).  When we look at how people utilize public spaces, we notice a big trend of personal space. Continue reading